Tomato and basil
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Punto takeaway is exactly the same meal you are served in our restaurant but delivered to your door for you to enjoy at home. It doesn’t matter if you fancy pizza, pasta, fish or meat, all the family can all enjoy a different meal delivered at the same time by one of our courteous drivers. We believe that our drivers are an extension of the restaurant and you should receive the same service from our driver as you would a waiter! Your delivery is made in one of our modern Toyota IQ’s, this ensures that your meal is kept in the warm and delivered in one of the most environmentally friendly cars on the market. In addition our liveried cars outside your home are part confirmation that it is one of our drivers at your doorstep.


Below are some tips for ordering and hopefully this will speed up your delivery and helps us provide the best service we can.

  • If you can phone in your order between 5.30 and 8pm, this will help your delivery time as the kitchen gets very busy after 8pm
  • Please have your postcode and contact phone number available
  • If you are particularly hard to find please give us a clue!
  • Please remember chicken dishes and lasagne will take longer to prepare and cook

We hope you enjoy your meal and why not try one of our delicious deserts!