Punto's Own Marinated Olives   £2.85
Garlic Bread   £3.50
Garlic Bread    £4.25
with tomato and cheese
Bruschetta   £4.50
Toasted Italian bread with fresh chopped tomatoes, basil, red onions & olive oil  
Focaccia   £4.95
Pizza bread with sea salt, rosemary, olive oil and Punto's own marinated olives
Insalata Mista   £4.25
Mixed salad
Garlic Bread Punto   £5.95
Marinated vegetables: tomato, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, & oregano, with smoked cheese
Minestrone   £5.95
Traditional Italian vegetable soup
Insalata Tricolore   £6.75
Avocado, tomato & mozzerella salad
Funghi Aglio Olio   £6.95
Flat mushroom, garlic, chilli & white wine
Insalata Di Cesare   £6.95
Grilled chicken breast on cos lettuce with croutons and shaved parmesan
Asparagus Punto   £7.45
Fresh Asparagus rolled in ham and cooked with tomato, bechamel sauce, parmesan and gratinated in the oven
Calamari Fritti   £7.45
Deep fried squid, served with tartar sauce and a garnish of salad
Prosciutto Melon   £7.45
Parma ham & melon  
Sardine Grillata   £7.45
Grilled sardines
Super Copa Gamberetti  £7.95
Mediterranean prawns with aurora sauce
Funghi Sorpresa   £7.45
Cup mushroom stuffed with ham, blue cheese, truffle sauce, fried in breadcrumbs and served with tartar sauce and salad garnish
Cozze Marinara   £7.75
Mussels, garlic, chilli, tomato and white wine
Funghi Gorgonzola   £7.95
Flat mushroom with four different cheese and gratinated in the oven
King Prawns Punto   £7.95
King prawns in garlic, chilli, tomato and white wine sauce
Insalata Pavarotti   £8.95
Rocket lettuce, tomato, egg, mozzarella, avocado and prawn cocktail
Antipasto Misto £8.95
Selection of cured meats including, salami napoli, mortadella, parma ham, bresaola, with rocket lettuce and marinated vegetables
Spedino Al Pesce   £8.95
Skewered fish, salmon, monkfish, tuna and king prawns with mushrooms peppers cooked in garlic and white wine sauce